No-one likes screening, but no-one likes taking off bandaids either. So think of it like this: You're about to walk into a fancy corporate dinner and you forgot to remove the bandaid on your neck from an earlier shaving incident. What do you do? Do you slink off into the corner and start peeling it off little bit, by little bit? No babe! You rip that sucker off.


 Screening is just like that; the quicker you get it over with, the less it will hurt and the faster you can get to the party. So take a deep breath and count to 3....  

Please read the following information carefully:


 I accept invitations from gentlemen who can provide and verify either recent references OR their identity.  

However, I make my final selection based on compatibility. 

Please tell me about you.​ There is no judgment here. This isn't about your age or what you look like, so much as it is about me getting to know you. I can glean much from how you introduce yourself. Please include the following

and anything else you think is important.

  • Age

  • Physical Description

  • Ethnicity

  • Some background on who you are; hobbies, education etc

  • Relationship status and why you have sought me out

  • Your home city

  • Date, Time and Location of Date

  • Length of date

  • IF longer than 3 hours, please tell me what you would like to plan for our time together. You will send me OVER THE MOON with a well thought out date.


Simply copy, paste & fill out for 2-3 recent, active references.

  • Name:

  • Email Address:

  • Month/Year last seen:

  • Website address:

  • Twitter link:

  • Active Advertisement Link:

I need to be able to establish that your reference is a real person by tracking her activity online. If she just has an ad, but no website, no twitter, she is not veritably an active companion reference. 


Please send your information in an email to me at:

What's the best way to book with you?

I'm glad you asked!

Over the years, I have screened dozens of executives and owners of high profile, globally recognized corporations.  You can be ASSURED that I employ absolute discretion and sensibility. It behooves me to make a good impression on you as it is my wish that we be long time friends.


Let's pretend you are Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon. How do you prove it? After all, anyone can say they're Jeff Bezos in an email, just as anyone can call your cell phone and say they are the IRS. ​Let's get started...

Select ONE of the two options below:

1.  Work email address (i.e.

I will send you a very boring email that will basically resemble spam, from an unpublished, generic @gmail account that I have created in a man's name. You will simply tell me, what the man's name is to establish that you are indeed We will NEVER communicate through this email account unless you contact me directly from it. 


2. LinkedIn Link (500+ connections) 

I will send you a request via LinkedIn from a very boring, generic man's profile. You will simply tell me the name of the "man" who contacted you. 

AND, TWO of the five options below:

1. Public Company Profile (including photo)

This company must be veritable and have some kind of active online presence. 

2. Driver's License or Passport (you may redact your DL# and address only)

3. Business Card

4. Work Badge (including photo) 

5. Gas & Electric or Insurance Bill


Please send your information in an email to me at:


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