DEPOSITS MAKE ME NERVOUS!! You're nervous, I get it. I'm nervous too!


I don't want you to worry so much, but I am not so arrogant to think I could comfort a wary mind just by saying: "I promise". Rather, I would just try to offer some points to chew on. 

First and foremost, I only have time for ONE DATE A WEEK. So when I set time aside for you, it is for you and no-one else. I am preparing to meet you from the moment you booked. I will make sure to get to know you, so I can get an idea for how I can best please you. I will get a manicure and an Akasuri scrub. I may have purchased a new dress to meet you. A cancelation means that your booked time and all my preparations have essentially been "thrown away". When you send a deposit you signal your mutual investment in our time together. 

WE HAVE NOT MET YET and trust has not yet been established. I get it! We can thank our government for that since it is virtually impossible for me point you to my REVIEWS to affirm my character (which, before their demise was an overall average of 9.89 putting me in the TOP TEN nationwide) or to set myself up as a legitimate business. My options are slim in providing you the kind of confidence that comes when you are shopping on say, Amazon; but I assure you, if I could, I would. 

ADDITIONALLY and ESPECIALLY  if we have never met, a good faith deposit should substantiate that you are not one of our local fellows dressed in blue. 

It should also be noted, that when you come across girls who take deposits, generally we do so because we book in advance. We do not take last minute appointments. We do not post "Available Now" ads. We are not a storefront with walk-in business. We are what the industry refers to as "LOW VOLUME".


Perhaps you are unaware, that we get dozens of  inquires from "fantasy bookers" and "time wasters". When you make a deposit, you are ensuring me that you are neither a "time waster", nor a "fantasy booker". 

And finally, when you send a deposit you are demonstrating to me that you are a confident and respectful man. Very sexy attribute, to establish before I walk through your door! So, in your final assessment, you can assuage your pesky doubts by the certitude that YOUR DEPOSIT IS AS GOOD AS FOREPLAY.



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