Our Travel Adventure

Ten things you need to know 

 1) If traveling, each day would be used to explore, adventure, lounge, bask, tour, get pampered etc.

  • Each 24 hour period, we would enjoy 2-3 hours of continuous private time together.

 2) If you are on a business trip, each evening, I would be available to you at dinnertime and stay for 14 hours.

  • Each day I would use at my own discretion, unless you've booked me a day at the spa or arranged for me to go shopping.

 3) For the duration of our trip, I would have my own bedroom and bathroom for the interim hours. 

 4) You may forfeit our private time for any reason, but may not "roll over" into the next day/evening.

​ 5) ​​If we are in route or in play and you wish to extend your business trip into the day or your travel adventure into an overnight, please remit an additional 1500.

  • Consideration must be taken care of before extension time begins. Always in the interest of discretion, I should never have to bring up the matter of settling consideration with you.

 6) I need at least 12 hours for sleep & private time. Unless you extend into the day or into an overnight, in which case I ask for 4 hours of private time.

  • Private time is used to: shower, primp, check in with family, use the gym, take a local yoga class, etc.

 7) Our trip must be secured with a non-refundable 50% deposit at least 3 weeks in advance. This gives me time to make arrangements for my 4-legged babies, shop for whatever I might need and make sure my hair, nails & skin are in impeccable shape for our trip. ​

  • Remaining 50% must be taken care of 24 hours before my departure.

  • Please review deposit terms on my SAQ page.

 8) Our trip begins once we are together and ends once we part ways.

 9) Please include $150/hr travel fee to meet you and arrive back in San Diego for trips over 3 hours.

 10) I do not travel with gentlemen I have not met before.

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